Event Date: January 23, 2020

Description: The staff and students of Sacred heart were obeyed as there were two reasons to celebrate. One was the 145th birthday of father founder and second the presence of sister Lillis assistant superior general of Bethany Congregation and vice president of Bethany educational society. She was accompanied by Sister Shanti Priya general councellor and general coordinator for the pastoral, social and medical ministries in the congregation. She was given a very warm welcome in the morning assembly. She addressed the staff and the students from the Principal's office via intercom and asked the students to be a good human being with strong values. She said that there is a difference in being a human being and being human. After her address, she unveiled beautiful moral pictures of 'father founder and children' on the occasion of his birthday. The moral picture was placed near the door of RFC auditorium. After completing her official work she addressed the staff members of CBSE and international school. A very interactive session wherein she motivated the teachers to empower their students with skills, values, and education. The teachers also shared their views as to how they were imparting quality education to their students. A sumptuous meal followed the get-together.